What Is “Shopping Cart Abandonment”, and How Can You Stop It?

shopping cart abandonment tips guides

In short, shopping cart abandonment is when a customer adds products to their online cart only to leave the web page without actually making the purchase. There are different reasons why someone might abandon their cart: they were just looking, they didn't like the shipping amount, and they didn't like the company that would be delivering their package. The good news about this is that there are a…Continue Reading→

Ways to Get More People Listening to Your Tracks on SoundCloud

how to increase soundcloud tracks listener

For all those audiophiles, SoundCloud is the best place to publish their audio tracks and it offers some of the great benefits which you won’t find elsewhere. But, unless you are a great and popular musician all the tracks which you upload would go unnoticed and no people would listen to your tracks on SoundCloud. But, you are not required to panic as there are ways that can…Continue Reading→

The 7 Common Reasons Entrepreneurs Decide to Sell Their E-commerce Business

why entrepreneurs selling their ecommerce business

The fact you are reading this article may mean you are considering selling your online store. However, you might be undecided whether you are making the right decision for you. It could, therefore, be helpful to read the seven common reasons why entrepreneurs decide to sell their e-commerce business. 1. A Lack of Passion for a Business/Industry Many budding entrepreneurs are filled with passion and excitement when launching…Continue Reading→

BrainRank, the Beginning of the AI Revolution in SEO

brainrank seo

BrainRank isn’t something new — unless you consider anything that was introduced in the past five years new, then it is. Artificial intelligence has been around about the same amount of time, but it’s only been in recent months that the technology has been getting as much exposure in the tech world. AI applications in the consumer market have been most prominently seen in smartphones, where the tech…Continue Reading→

5 of the Most Important Aspects of Forming an LLC

most important aspects of forming an llc

Various people decide to form a Limited Liability Corporation, or an LLC, in order to conduct business and/or protect certain assets. Still, knowing  how to get LLC formation paperwork completed and finish other start-up tasks can be a challenge. 1. Deciding on Ownership One of the first steps in forming an LLC is going to be deciding on its owners and management agreement. Owners of an LLC are also…Continue Reading→

Growing Your Website And Business: What You Need To Know

learn to grow your business and website

You need to push for progress when it comes to growing your website, especially if your website is helping you to sell a product or a service through your business. If this is true for you, then you should be reading this article thoroughly in the hopes that you’ll succeed in driving traffic and reaping the rewards of having a popular, busy, and successful site. When you first…Continue Reading→

Here’s Why You Should Consider Building Your E-Commerce Website Yourself

ecommerce website for business tips guides

It’s certainly doable - many have done it before and have succeeded in building a successful e-commerce store with the right knowledge, planning, and execution. Brand advertisement and connecting with leads are the two top factors why all business should have an online presence. The obvious solution is to outsource the creation of your website to a web development company or a freelancer. Doing it yourself is also…Continue Reading→

4 Reasons Why a UX Designer Will Boost Your Business Branding

ux designer business branding inspiration

You might not have heard of user experience but you experience it – pun intended – every day. When you turn on your computer, look at your smartphone, or set the navigation in your vehicle, you are immersed into a world that utilizes your key senses. Although virtual reality engineers have yet to design a program that includes scent and taste, the rest of your senses are in…Continue Reading→

Docker Training Is Needed for Full Benefit of Containerization

docker trainng benefits importance business

Docker is sweeping the planet, with two of every three companies adopting it. Major corporations including PayPal, Sage, and Spotify depend on Docker as the core of their company. It is becoming the industry norm. Docker is an open-source project and startup focusing on Linux Containers. Containers allow numerous apps on a solitary host, similar to computer virtualization. They offer a sleeker choice by essentially virtualizing the operating…Continue Reading→

Web Design Tips for New Small Business Owners

web design tips guides small business owner

Technology is a part of nearly everything we do in business today. Every business, large or small, is expected to have a subsequent website. Your digital presence is more important that your brick and mortar presence in the world today as a small business. The tools and opportunities created by the integration of the internet into mainstream society have made the business world a much more level playing…Continue Reading→

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