Three Ways to Streamline IT Support in Your E-Commerce Store

how to streamline it support in ecommerce store

To say that e-commerce has truly exploded in the last decade can seem like a huge understatement. While impossible to nail down the exact number, it is estimated that there are between two and three million e-commerce companies around the world. This is a number that is constantly changing though as more enter into the arena and some close up shop. As big and potentially lucrative as the…Continue Reading→

5 Awesome Benefits of Guest Posting on Another Blog

guest posting benefits

As a business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to promote your brand. In the early stages, you’re likely focused on building up your foundation: hiring the right staff, ensuring you have smart a time clock system to help manage time and financial spend, and of course, great products and services that speak for themselves. But even with the most dedicated staff and best product, making your brand…Continue Reading→

The Essentials of an E-Commerce Website

ecommerce website tips guides

If you want to grow your client base and generate a healthy revenue stream for your business, then look no further than an e-commerce site. As consumers become more and more dependent on the Internet to find goods and services, it’s important to build a convenient platform for them to purchase your brand’s offers. One thing’s for sure, an e-commerce site allows you to bring your products and…Continue Reading→

How to Work with an Influencer on Your Marketing Strategy

influencer marketing tips guides

As a business owner, you’ve worked hard to get your business where it needs to be today. You’ve employed all the best tactics to hire a great team (fire fast, hire slowly), have invested in the right leave management solutions to help manage that team, and trained them to sell your product or service the best way possible. Building a brand is no easy task. But no matter…Continue Reading→

Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2018

teens social media technology overview

Modern technology has clearly advanced bringing with it some positive and negative effects on the society and the most popular users the youth. With the introduction of social media, the youth has made the majority of the users. The youth, especially most teens, have access to smartphones and spend most of their time on social media, though spending their time concentrating on term papers would be more productive.…Continue Reading→

An Eye on the SEO Battlefield: 10 Modern Tools That Let You Spy on Your Competition

seo tools

While competition is probably not something you’re fond of seeing in large numbers, you’d be surprised how useful it can be. Why is this so? Because you can spy on it to see what it’s doing, identify the winning strategies, then use them yourself! After all, they wouldn’t be using them for no reason. This will also give you a clear idea on how to proceed with your…Continue Reading→

How to Get Your First 5,000 Instagram Followers

instagram followers tips guides

You created your Instagram account. You have posted some photos related to your brand. The followers are slowly trickling in and you aren’t seeing how useful Instagram can be. Don’t get frustrated just yet! The first 5,000 followers can be hard to get but once you do, it will be so beneficial to you. So how do you get that many people to pay attention? Here are the…Continue Reading→

Setting up a Content Marketing Strategy

business content tips guides

B2B marketing professionals use content marketing, but few understand that there are major differences between effective B2B and B2C content marketing strategies. Churning out boring information is out; a B2B marketer has to be innovative to get the attention of his or her target audience. Define your ideal customer profile based on what type of company is the most profitable for you to target and then narrow your…Continue Reading→

What Are the Top 5 Challenges Faced by Today’s IT Industry?

it business challenges

The IT world is in a position which it has never been in before. Business is booming, and IT is such a dominant part of society, in some ways, there’s really no escaping it. Of course, this is great for development, employment, and expansion, but that doesn’t mean the industry doesn’t come without its challenges. In fact, as the industry grows, it seems like more and more challenges…Continue Reading→

11 Excellent Ways to Promote Your Online Portfolio

how to promote online portfolio

Website promotion is far from easy, especially when it comes to portfolio website promotion when it’s not often filled with written content, but only pictures. However, portfolio promotion is key if you are to land new/bigger clients in the future. If you have an existing portfolio website already online but you’re looking for ways to propel it to new heights with the help of online promotional strategies, take…Continue Reading→

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